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UTNRL ~ Nonwovens Research Lab at The University of Tennessee


The Nonwovens Research Lab (UTNRL) is located on campus at The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, USA. It features several advanced melt blown pilot lines and many other processing and test facilities designed to make a fully equiped nonwovens research lab.

At UTNRL, university professors, students, and engineers come together to create a facility to support nonwovens studies, research, and applications. Our research meltblowing lines are available to private industry as well as government through research grants. Operators are available on-site to man the machinery and help troubleshoot any problems with the processing of your materials. Engineers are available to help you determine the viability of your product, how to improve it, and how to acquire the properties that you desire. They can also help determine a course of action when an unexpected result occurs during the processing of your material. We have expertise in Materials Science and Engineering, Polymer Engineering, Chemical engineering, Physics, Imaging, Parts Manufacture, and Textile Science.

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1321 White Ave.
Knoxville, TN 37996

Phone: (+1)865-974-0976



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